Pro bono

Humanitarian mission in the Amazon forest

The volunteers of Passando a Macedonia needed a new tool to communicate how they help communities in the Amazon forest.

Passando a Macedonia is a humanitarian project that aims to provide help to poor communities that live in the area of the Amazon river when it passes near the city of Manaus (Brazil).

I had the honour to participate in this mission in 2016 when I was in Brazil to meet my parents in law.

Speaking with the ideators of the project, emerged that since the beginning of the project 7 years before, they have always tried to find a good way to promote it, recruit new volunteers, and gather resources.

As I was armed with my camera and my phone, I thought that I could have taken pictures to create a story, and then put this story into a comic book that they could have distributed to promote the project.

If you want to read it, here is the full PDF in Portuguese and here the PDF in English.

The artistic effect of the pictures has been made with the app Prisma

This has been one of the best experience of my life.