Icon Font

Commercial icon fonts were not enough to cover the specific needs of Xtremepush to iconify their service.

The need for something custom

Being Xtremepush in a very specific market, a standard icon font was not enough to cover the specific needs of the company.

Set aside standard icons like menu hamburger, search magnifier, download, etc… the real problem was to find icons that were representing the unique products of the company.

For this reason, we found necessary to have a custom font that could be used on both the website and the SaaS dashboard (main product).

Style Choices

Every font has a unique charm and that impacts and also help to define the image of whom is using it.

The choice was then a not-too-thin, line-icon style as the company wanted to look technical, modern, serious, and ‘sharp’.

The most influencing reference taken for these icons has been the Windows 10 icons pack.

Making the icons

Once the style guidelines were clear, I started to audit all the icons needed and I prepared a grid sheet with square cells.

Sketching multiple ideas for the same icon in this grid has made easy to present my work for feedback.

Image of sketched icons on a paper grid

Once the sketches have been approved, the next step was to recreate them in Illustrator.

The icons were built on a 32px base, with 2px line thickness.

Image of the Xtremepush Website

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