• Xtremepush: SaaS

    In Xtremepush I have been central in shaping the company identity and the product design since early stages.

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    Xtremepush: SaaS
  • 2112TD – Video Game

    2112TD is a sci-fi tower defence game for Android and iOS. In this project, I worked in different positions such as UI, UX, video editing, and 3D design.

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    2112TD – Video Game
  • Xtremepush: Web Design

    The Xtremepush website needed to be unique and easy to use to drive conversions and customer retention.

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    Xtremepush: Web Design
  • Xtremepush – Rebranding

    Xtremepush needed a refresh of its branding. This included a new logo, new look, and a brand new website.

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    Xtremepush – Rebranding
  • Icon Font

    Commercial icon fonts were not enough to cover the specific needs of Xtremepush to iconify their service.

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    Icon Font
  • Chievo Verona supporters website

    The website needed a deep redesign and a flexible structure to allow their team to start a blog.

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    Chievo Verona supporters website